Seventeen Facts About Sunflowers [Helianthus annuus]

Sunflower Variety non-GMO

Green Party of Seattle will be giving away sunflower seeds [above seed non-GMO seed variety mix] from Earth Day on April 22 until May Day 2021, while supplies last. You may be asked to answer Sunflower Trivia questions. See you at Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle on Earth Day!

  1. Sunflowers are fun and easy to grow.
  2. Sunflowers are a North American native species.
  3. Sunflowers come in diverse colors and heights, with the tallest recorded at 30 feet.  [Please grow the non-GMO and pollen bearing varieties.] 
  4. Sunflowers are a tall and bright beacon to bees and other pollinators and can be spotted long distance.
  5. Sunflowers will attract aphids away from vegetable plants nearby, and bring in more aphid eating ladybugs.
  6. Sunflower heads track the sun throughout the day when they are young; mature Sunflowers face East. This solar tracking plant behavior is called heliotropism.
  7. Sunflowers improve soil health for surrounding plants.
  8. Sunflowers have long taproots that help aerate soil.
  9. Sunflowers pull toxins and heavy metals out of soil to detoxify the earth.
  10. Sunflower pollen helps support the immune system of bees; it is bee medicine.
  11. Sunflower seeds grow out from the center in a Fibonacci Sequence pattern.
  12. Sunflower leaves can be used for animal forage.
  13. Sunflower seeds support brain health for humans.
  14. Sunflower seeds and nectar feed wild birds including hummingbirds.
  15. Sunflowers produce vegetable oil which is nutritious and has anti-inflammatory benefits.
  16. Sunflowers may be companion-planted as the ‘fourth sister’ with other traditional native North American garden plants  squash, pole beans, and corn.
  17. Sunflowers are the international symbol of Green Parties worldwide.

The Green Party of Washington Spring Gathering is May 2,2021, Join us for the movie 2040. See you at Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle on Earth Day!