Jason Call

The Green Party of Washington State proudly endorses Jason Call for Congress. Jason is running for US Representative in Washington's Second Congressional District.

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Jason Call for Congress

Campaign announcement from Jason Call:

Today, April 10, 2023, is Green Party Day. It is today that I have chosen, in collaboration with the Washington State Green Party, to announce my candidacy for Washington's Second Congressional District.

This is my third consecutive run for this seat. In my first two campaigns, 2020 and 2022, I ran as a Democrat. This time I am running proudly as a Green Party member. My platform, however, has not changed. I am still running on the same critical issues of universal healthcare, sustainable and renewable green energy to address the looming catastrophe of climate emergency, ending the forever wars, ensuring debt-free education, and supporting labor rights for all workers. These are issues that the corporate duopoly parties often claim to stand for, but clearly do not.

Some will ask why I am running for a third time when I was unsuccessful in getting on the general election ballot twice before. The answers to this are quite simple.

First, we must keep fighting for systemic change. The status quo continues to fail this country and the world, and quite frankly time is running out to make the needed policy changes that will (hopefully) keep our collective ship, our precious planet Earth, from sinking in regard to human existence.

Second, Rick Larsen is one of the most conservative Democrats in Congress. Washington's Second District is ostensibly a progressive district, so it's quite silly that we have been forced to choose between a Republican and a Republican-lite in every cycle since 2000. Rick is the kind of Representative who will claim progressive values in public, but his voting record over two decades shows that he breaks with the majority of Democrats frequently to side with Republicans. In fact, the American Conservative Union (the folks who host the annual CPAC event) put him in the top 15% of sitting Democrats who align with their preferred voting positions.

Third, our campaigns for progressive change resonated strongly with voters in 2020 and 2022. In both cycles, we got more than 31,000 votes, nearly three times more than any prior progressive challenger. And in 2022 we increased our share of the non-GOP vote over 2020. The progressive message of justice and sustainability speaks to young voters who don't believe either of the corporate-owned parties are serving their needs and the needs of their future. We believe that if we provide an option for those GenZ voters, for voters within the Democratic Party who see the need for systemic change, and for other independent and third-party voters who won't vote for corporate corruption, we have a pathway to the general election ballot in November 2024.

Please visit the Jason Call for Congress campaign website at www.callforcongress.com, read our policies, and consider making a donation for real change.

Jason Call
2024 Green Party Candidate for WA-02

Reflecting on the Four Pillars and Ten Key Values of the Green Party:

"I believe that Future Focus & Sustainability is the value that encompasses all others. People often ask me what my top priority as a candidate is. The thing about the progressive movement there is no single issue (housing, healthcare, labor, equity, climate, and so on) that can be separated from all of the other issues; they are all inextricably entwined, and we must push forward on all issues at once. But that push forward is about the future, and where we want to see our societies in 10, 20, 50 years. Right now, it seems all political and economic focus is about today and tomorrow, not whether there will be a functional society or a livable planet further down the road. This is because the two corporate parties only operate on behalf of their corporate owners' stock portfolios. We in the Green Party must commit ourselves daily to ensuring that sustainable and livable future for our kids, their kids, and all of the precious life on earth we have a responsibility to safeguard."

Jason Call, 2024 Candidate for WA's 2nd Congressional District



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