Seattle Greens Prefer Nikkita Oliver

Vote for Nikkita Oliver for Seattle City Council Position 9. 

Both Nikkita Oliver’s [they/them] platform, as well as their qualifications, make them the Green Party of Seattle’s preferred candidate for Seattle City Council Position 9. 

As a Lawyer, an Educator, a Community Activist, and a Creative they are also the only candidate Greens know as actually equipped with the depth of understanding of all the moving parts necessary to grasp the controls of a future fluent Seattle.

Vote for Nikkita.

Demilitarize the Police, yes. Support youth and families so they may flourish, yes. Environmental Justice, yes. Racial and Economic Justice, yes. Universal Healthcare and Social Safety Nets, yes. Arts & Culture, yes. Quality of Life, yes.

All the things that make sense to Greens, yes!

Volunteer for Nikkita.

Think Globally, Vote Locally. Seattle Democracy Vouchers are increasing voter turnout because candidates now have an opportunity to run on grassroots funding, and this is a portal of entry into politics for individuals who represent us, our neighbors, friends, coworkers, and families. The real ones. 

Donate to Nikkita.

Progressive candidates can only move up on the political food chain if they are elected locally. On the local level, there is no electoral college, your vote is… your vote. Although Greens and other Alternative Party candidates are largely excluded from participation in national politics, our local elections matter because the Grassroots is where we live, where we can strengthen our community, and where regenerative solutions for a sustainable future can begin to take shape. 

Disclaimer: The Green Party of Washington is an Alternative Party. GPWA does not endorse candidates from the cartel parties of War and Wall Street. According to the Green Party of Seattle bylaws, GPSEA may evaluate local candidates based on our Green Party Ten Key Values. We choose to officially ‘prefer’ the candidate that best approximates our ‘Green’ values.