Resilient Future Priorities

Resilient Future Priorities Announced by Climate Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy.

Seattle, Washington.  September 23, 2020. The Green Party of Seattle in alignment with the nation’s broadest climate-action coalition. Climate Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy will set forth priorities for investments in the long-term resilience of both the City of Seattle and in Solidarity with other Washington communities

Climate Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy is a Coalition of leaders from labor, social justice, health, faith, business and environmental organizations. Seattle Greens hold these groups in earnest Solidarity and hold space for the business sector to recognize where their true long term interests lie.

Coalition members from across Washington’s economic sectors and geographies are advocating for relief and recovery efforts that prioritize the needs of at-risk workers, low-income communities, communities of color, and tribal communities and set our state on a climate resilient future. The Resilient Future platform includes five major priorities for lawmakers to consider as they plan for the 2021 legislative session:

People-Focused Solutions: Support communities hit hardest by the health, environmental, and economic crisis with direct investments. 

Equitable, Participatory Decision-Making Process: Engage frontline workers, communities of color, tribal nations, and others most impacted by the health and economic crises in all decision-making processes.

Progressive revenue sources that drive down pollution: Ensure that corporations and the very wealthy who’ve done well in Washington do right by Washington.  

Climate-Resilient Investments: Invest in building a clean and resilient economy to support healthy and prosperous communities. 

Clean & Just Approaches: Enact policies to reduce pollution, increase climate protection, strengthen the power and voices of workers, create good jobs with protected collective bargaining rights, and address structural inequalities.

The Green Party of Seattle believes Washington state must lead an equitable and just economic transition toward a Sustainable Future that values Planet, People, and Peace.


Green Party of Seattle Contacts:

Lisa Canar, Communications, [email protected]

Margaret Elisabeth, Community Activism Reporter,  [email protected]

Alice B Green, Acting Secretary GPSEA, [email protected] text 267 371 2958