Political Engagement Basics for Seattle Greens

Seattle City Hall

Greens must engage with the political process, and be the change that we want to see. Responsive Public Policy starts with empowerment of the Grassroots. We all benefit from Climate and Racial Justice, Social Safety Nets like Housing, Healthcare, Food Security, and Emergency Infrastructure, and Eduction.
Collaborative problem solving based on Public Listening and Citizen Input will make Seattle strong.

Use your voice.
Talk to your City Council Representatives, they work for you.
More Seattle City Council Videos on the Seattle Channel.
Greens in Olympia

Our  EverGreen State capital is where Legislators convene to make policy decisions. Olympia is where voters and lobbyists can meet with representatives and talk face to face about their concerns.
Building Policy for the common good is the whole point of politics.
Politicians that have a real call to public service actually do this work and are willing to meet with constituents.
Talk to your Legislative District Representative, know who they are.

Washington State Legislation
Look up Bills by topic in the Washington State Legislature.
Washington State Senate and State House Representatives together make your State Legislature.
HB= House Bill. SB= Senate Bill. Bills have Sponsors, is your LD Representing you?
Companion Bills mean sponsors in both houses support the legislation.
Anatomy of a Bill : https://app.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/
If you are running for office as a member of another party Green Party of Seattle members may still endorse you as their “preferred candidate”.

Fill out our candidate questionnaire so that members may review it, come to a meeting and tell us why we should vote for you. Greens base political endorsements on the Green values based framework. Our endorsement is relevant to other Progressives because of these values.
Email to Hello@ gpsea.org
Mail a hard copy to:
Green Party of Seattle
PO Box 70493
Seattle WA 98127

Critical Thinking for Green Voters.

Are the people in office working for us?
Do they represent their constituents or only their party? 
Do they actually work on public policy?
Do they facilitate positive change?
Do they make sense, or deflect from difficult topics?
Do they communicate a vision, or transmit fears?
Do they strengthen communities or disenfranchise them?
Do they make more time time for citizens or for lobbyists?

Is public policy useful? Is it helping citizens live dignified, healthy and rewarding lives? Does it protect the vulnerable with social safety nets? Does it preserve natural resources for the future? Does it respect biodiversity? Is it sustainable?
Politicians do not walk on water.  [Not even Bernie is perfect folks.]
Human beings make mistakes;  are they accountable when they do?

Greens are in solidarity with all issue driven groups in alignment with our ‘four pillars’. We prefer Social solutions to Extractive Capitalism.

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