Medicare for All March Partners

From Lead GPSEA organizer Andre:

Hello Washingtonian Greens! For anyone who doesn’t know me, I’m Andre and I’m a volunteer with the Green Party of Seattle as well as the lead organizer of the Seattle March for Medicare for All, which is happening in cities across the country July 24th!

I’m really excited that the Green Parties of Washington and Seattle have partnered with the march and are already organizing with the Seattle planning team. We are all hoping to get everyone involved with the march as both participants and as leaders so here are a few ways you can get started:

  1. Mark your calendar and RSVP for the Seattle March for Medicare for All on July 24th!
  2. Join the “ByThePeople” Slack workspace to connect with other march organizers. You will be placed into a channel called #m4m4a-all-organizers. Once you are in, join #m4m4a-seattle to connect with the Seattle team (invite link)
  3. Join the Seattle team for our weekly planning meetings to, Fridays at 6pm (invite link)
  4. Join the all organizers weekly meetings on Sundays at 9am to help promote all marches across the country (invite link)

These meetings will be held weekly between now and July 24th. Everyone is welcome in the Slack and at any of the meetings so feel free to invite anyone who would like to get involved! I hope to see you there!