Kshama Sawant: District 3 Leadership

Green Party of Seattle remains in solidarity with Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant. Remember to vote against the Recall by December 7th, 2021.

The neighborhoods of Capitol Hill, First Hill, the Central District, Montlake, Madison Valley, and Madison Park in Central Seattle have been the most severely impacted by gentrification, and have reaped the local backlash of seeds planted by opportunistic developers and the continuous erosion of social safety nets. Seattle’s District 3 neighborhoods are rich, vibrant, and diverse communities. Rich and vibrant communities can only emerge from free-thinking individuals who put boots on the ground to solve problems.

Meanwhile, Cartel Party [Duopoly] conservatives frame District 3 Leadership as notorious for outside-of-the-box political experimentation that threatens the status quo. Read CHOP. Manipulating public opinion with fear-mongering is so much easier than offering practical solutions. Alternative Parties and activist organizations that actually represent the interests of Working People, or that favor Regenerative Global Solutions over Extractive Capitalism are considered the most dangerous to the 1%.

Kshama Sawant City Council Committees:

Critical Thinking for Green Voters engages individuals to process real world information.

How do we evaluate if people elected to office are working for us?
Do they represent their constituents or only their party? 
Do they actually work on public policy?
Do they facilitate positive change?
Do they make sense, or deflect from difficult topics?
Do they communicate a vision, or transmit fears?
Do they strengthen communities or disenfranchise them?
Do they make more time for citizens or for lobbyists?

The Recall effort is a fake. It is anything but ‘grassroots.’ The Kshama Sawant Recall effort is funded by CEOs, more than 500 individual Republican donors, and corporate real estate developers. However, when funding limitations on individual donors falter, the 1% can always step in with PAC money and the entrenched ‘status quo’ of cartel politics here in the US.

Despite the amount of corporate PAC money from donors like Amazon, Kshama was re-elected in 2019 by her constituents. That is actually a testament to the level of political intelligence of voters in District 3, and their ability to see through the smokescreen of scare tactics and deflection by the forces that actually foment homelessness, political discord, and wealth inequality in Seattle.

Kshama is a fierce fighter and her overt activism and delivery style pushes panic buttons for those who are triggered by the word ‘Socialist’. As Ecosocialist Greens, the Seattle Green Party supports a local free market, strong social safety nets, environmental protections, Green Technology, and resilient public infrastructure. [Social solutions for social institutions.] Kshama is a breath of fresh air compared to those political forces seeking to commodify every human being on earth, even to the extent of upselling the very air that we breathe and the water that we drink.

The Green Party of Seattle applauds Kshama Sawant for doing her job and supporting the evolution of political consciousness that she represents.

Although the Recall Campaign did not make the ballot this November, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled that corporate funds [in excess of those that can send a billionaire to space] will continue to be leveraged against her. A special Recall Election is scheduled for December 7, 2021.

Real talk, for Washington State citizens who see homeless encampments in Seattle and news of violent incidents that occurred at CHOP on TV, consume Fox News media on the regular, and were triggered by the word ‘Socialist’ to begin with, Kshama Sawant appears to be a “politically dangerous” person. Kshama Sawant, for these folks, represents the shape of radical political unrest, and they do not look at root causes once these fears are triggered. Many who address problems head-on experience ‘guilt by association‘ this way. The reality is that to bring focus to the root causes of homelessness and to inspire community empowerment, you have to get loud and emotional to get media attention. Greens are not historically good at this, but we are here for it, and we support her efforts.

A special Recall Election is scheduled for December 7, 2021. This is not a regular election day; this is a strategic date that favors the recall campaign because younger voters tend not to be frightened by Socialists, or participate in local elections. Please remind people you know in District 3 to vote! We need to keep Kshama working on the Seattle City Council! Without someone who represents the people who actually live in Capitol Hill, First Hill, the Central District, Montlake, Madison Valley and Madison Park, they and we will lose the political agency of an empowered political voice willing to stand against the economic oppression that has decimated so much of our city’s infrastructure.

Progressive candidates can only move up on the political food chain if they are supported locally. Although Greens and other Alternative Party candidates are largely excluded from participation in national politics, our local elections matter because the Grassroots is where we live, where we can strengthen our community, and where regenerative solutions for a sustainable future can begin to take shape.

Disclaimer: The Green Party of Washington is an Alternative Party. GPWA does not endorse candidates from the cartel parties of War and Wall Street. According to the Green Party of Seattle bylaws, GPSEA may evaluate local candidates based on our Green Party Ten Key Values. We choose to officially ‘prefer’ the candidate that best approximates our ‘Green’ political values.