Greens are AntiWar

Green Party of Seattle withdraws support for the EndtheDamnWars event on Saturday.

September 11, 2021, is this Saturday. Stay home and light a candle. Wage Peace.

Greens and Peace activists such as Veterans for Peace, Code Pink, Ground Zero, and others are actually peaceful.

GPSEA reverses our previous endorsement of an anti-war sign waving event. The involvement of the Boogaloo Bois in the EndtheDamnWars organization creates an unsafe space for non-violent people.

During 2020, Boogaloo adherents increasingly attended protests and riots, and they often sought to capitalize on high tensions to incite violence and chaos.

Demands of the folx:

  • End the Regime Change Wars
  • End the Unconstitutional Military Operations
  • End the targeting of Anti-war journalists, activists, and whistleblowers
  • End global intelligence operations that instigate conflict
  • Cut the US military budget
  • Audit the Pentagon
  • Stop arming and funding oppressive regimes
  • Scale back the US military bases around the world
  • End economic warfare

Seattle Greens agree with those stated points. We can not vet this organization’s event.

Greens do not support anarchy, civil war, or violence against cops, protesters or anyone else.

Unfortunately there actually are sociopaths who pose as legitimate activists. Those that would throw a match in a crowd simply to watch people burn. Where the Boogaloo Bois go, people get hurt.

It’s hard to know how seriously to take the boogaloo threat. Some are likely just joking when they “shit-post” about shooting cops or “yeeting alphabet boys”—killing government law-enforcement agents. But others seem serious. They’ve already shown up heavily armed (and in their signature Hawaiian shirts) at protests and at state capitols. They’ve allegedly killed law-enforcement officers, talked about throwing Molotov cocktails at cops during the racial-justice protests this summer, and plotted to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. They say they want a total reset of society, even if they haven’t thought very hard about what, exactly, should come next.

Wage Peace.

Wage Peace.