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Greens Score at Least 17 Victories in November Elections


2 new city council representatives elected in the state of Maine

WASHINGTON — Maine Green Independent Party candidates Anna Trevorrow and Scott Harriman winning city council races in Portland and Lewiston (the state’s first- and second-most populous cities, respectively) are highlights among the national party’s 17 electoral victories declared since polls closed on Tuesday.

Trevorrow, who ran while holding an elected seat on Portland’s school board, credited her win to “a strong ground-campaign, in which I had 837 conversations with voters, promoting a vision for Portland that is accessible to the working class and enacts policy through an equity lens” in a post to social media. Since 2002, Greens have won two state house, eight city council, 12 school board and two water board seats in Portland.

Harriman pledged to represent his district “proudly and to the best of my ability on the City Council” in Lewiston, where he ran on supporting fully-funded public schools, equity in education and environmental health in the district.

In Minneapolis, MN, Green candidate Samantha Pree-Stinson became the first Black Woman to be elected to the city’s Board of Estimation & Taxation. The Green Party also faced a set-back in Minneapolis, with four-term city council representative Cam Gordon not winning re-election. Gordon faced a backlash for supporting replacing the city’s police department with a Department of Public Safety and a gauntlet of challengers backed by a flood of “money from outside of the ward,” according to his campaign team.

This week’s Green wins add to 19 electoral victories from earlier in the year.

November victories in races that have been called, so far,  include:

  • Anna Trevorrow, City Council, District 1, Portland (Cumberland County) ME
  • Scott Harriman, City Council, District 2, Lewiston, ME
  • Dagmar Noll, Town Council, Willimantic (Windham County) CT
  • Joseph Wetmore, Town Board, Lansing (Tompkins County) NY
  • Megan Parks, School Committee, Lewiston Public Schools (Androscoggin County) ME
  • Matthew Reitenhauer, School Board, Brandywine Heights, Topton (Berks County) PA
  • Samantha Pree-Stinson, Board of Estimation and Taxation At-large, Minneapolis (Hennepin County) MN
  • Charlie Krich,  At-large, Board of Directors, Willimantic Taxing District, Windham (Windham County) CT
  • Cassandra Martineau, At-large, Board of Directors, Willimantic Taxing District, Windham (Windham County) CT
  • Leif Smith, Constable, Redding (Fairfield County) CT
  • Hugh Birdsall, Zoning Board of Appeals, Clinton (Middlesex County) CT
  • Emery Ng, Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate, Windham (Windham County) CT
  • Michael Westerfield, Board of Assessment Appeals, Windham (Windham County) CT
  • Jay Sweeney, Auditor, Falls Township (Wyoming County) PA
  • Abigail Hunter, Judge of Elections Ward 7, Precinct 8, Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) PA
  • Jay Ting Walker, Judge of Elections, Ward 7, District 6, Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) PA
  • Andrew Moses Yanez Oliva, Judge of Elections, Ward 15, District 6, Reading (Berks County) PA

Greens nationwide also hailed successful ballot measures to implement Ranked Choice Voting in Broomfield, Colorado; Ann Arbor, Michigan; and Westbrook, Maine.

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