Got Yard Signs?

Not Biden, Not Trump? Put up a sign about it.

From CJ Sellers, Chapter Lead of East Seattle Greens:

“I have Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker campaign yard signs for our Washington chapters and maybe some left over for folks out in unorganized areas. I’ll be bringing them around the state starting tomorrow [9/23] in Seattle. Let’s talk about getting you a sign? PM me.”

Are you living on the Microsoft side of the waters from Seattle? Their chapter is picking up steam, join today! [We already know all the artsy free thinking non conformist science believing geeks understand there is no planet B. Even tho we might not be ‘joiners’ by nature, let’s be that herd of ‘different kind of cats’ together.]

Contact C.J. Sellers [ [email protected] | 425-324-6867] to officially join this chapter if you live in the areas east of Seattle including East King County or Snohomish County.

Message facebook or [email protected] and Alice [text 2673722958] can distribute signs on Friday in the am.