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Note from GPSEA Acting Treasurer:

Full Disclosure, we will not share your personal information unless there is an inquiry from Washington State, and then we will of course comply. Please follow this link to our Donation Page. You must be over 18 to donate.

GPSEA Meetings are now online via Zoom and are open to the public. However, in order to vote on proposals or bring proposals to the group, you must be a member of GPWA [Green Party of Washington], not be an officer of any other political party, and live or work or attend school in Seattle or King County.

We are all unpaid volunteers and we value your time as well. The link to Volunteer is here at the GPWA site.

Welcome to the real Grassroots. The Donation button says “Green Party of Seattle Treasurer”, however funds go into the GPSEA account, not to me personally. I’m not great at fundraising, but maybe the next Treasurer will be.

The reality is that we operate on very little money and are mostly powered by people who serendipitously show up to do things like plant trees, feed un-homed neighbors, collect signatures, help plan marches, maintain web pages and databases, table at community events, comment on legislation, monitor City of Seattle Council Meetings, attend GPWA meetings, represent us at the National Committee, road trips to Olympia, put up signage send out emails, etc. We are a herd of different free-thinking cats yet cohesive enough to move forward as a community on the things that we agree on.

Although it breaks my little EcoSocialist heart to say so, we have a huge potential for growth as the political home of the original Green New Deal, but not without more money.

Real talk: The Green Party Political Platform is the only one that makes sense, mainly because it is the only one built on sustainable public policy. The cartel parties of War and Wall Street have blinders on. Sending rich people to space on the corporate welfare dime is not an actual solution. There is no planet B.

Don’t donate money if that creates a hardship for you, your time is also valuable and we would really appreciate some of that as well. We do not collect monetary donations from PACs, businesses, or corporations.

Thank you for helping us grow!

-Alice B Green, Treasurer GPSEA

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