Green Party Primary 2020

Let’s get Ballot Access Greens. Send those petition signatures in! Don’t let a little pandemic keep us off the Washington State Ballot. We are not Libertarians, we can’t just throw money at signature gatherers, okay?

“2020 Annual National Meeting and Presidential Nominating Convention

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we must hold a virtual convention online.

July 9, 2020 – July 12, 2020
Presidential Nominating Convention: July 11th, Noon-8pm Eastern Time
$100 registration fee

Members of the media may apply online for credentials to cover this event

Green Party US is grateful to the Detroit Green Party and Wayne State University, who were originally going to host this year’s convention. They have been gracious partners as we have navigated this unprecedented situation. We look forward to convening in Detroit in a future year.

We are hard at work developing a convention format and tool suite to hold a democratic, deliberative and inspiring event to launch the Green Party’s general election campaign.

This will take substantial resources and so we still request delegates and those who otherwise would have attended in Detroit to contribute a registration fee as usual.

In case you missed our Washington caucus results:

Dario/Darlene : 3 WA delegates.

Howie/Angela: 2 WA delegates.

More details for our delegates.

The Collaborative Left? Yes, please

Fight back against the Divide and Conquer tactics that oppress, repress, and suppress new solutions. Build bridges, don’t burn crap down in your own backyard, who does that really serve? Just keep swimming.

Movement for a People’s Party solidarity events on July 11th and “Building a Broader Coalition”

On the national front, Movement for A People’s Party is planning several direct actions on July 11th to appeal to legislators with their slate (everyone’s slate) of demands from the people. Their 3rd Party vision is shared by so many of us. In reality the systemic barriers of the Duopoly create a ceiling seemingly close enough to touch, but not to break through.

From Shelby at MPP to GPSEA: “We are having a nationwide rally to demand multiple progressive policies. Medicare for all, climate change, and better covid relief. This is set for July 11th and Seattle is not on the map. Which it should be. We have to stand outside our reps homes and demand they help us. I am reaching out because I am sympathetic to your cause and want to extend the offer to be a part of the movement so we in Washington can demand our rights too. That and any sister organization you are in talks with. I would like this to serve as an open dialogue to plan a socially distant rally. If your group is interested.”

This is happening at the same time as our Green Party Primary, but for those of us who are not delegates this year we encourage you to observe, participate, and report back at the August GPSEA meeting.

Solidarity starts at home Seattle Ecosocialists. Let’s support our allies.

Movement for A People’s Party:

Seattle People’s Party:
Socialist Alternative Seattle: [email protected].
Washington Progressive Party:

Ballot Access 2020

A note from Green Party of Washington Ballot Access Coordinators:

GPUS and GPWA are now urgently collecting the petitions required to gain WA State election ballot access & status for the Green Party for the 2020 federal elections.
WA State denies the Green Party automatic access to the WA State election ballot and imposes a voter petition requirement on the GPUS.

We are now reaching out to you and your friends and co-workers to help collect 2,000 voter signatures before 25 July 2020 to qualify the Green Party for the WA State election ballot in November 2020.

Only currently registered voters in WA State can sign these petitions and they must sign with their full name as that name is recorded on their County Elections Dept voter registration and they must use their residence address as that address is recorded on their County Elections Dept voter registration (even if they moved to a new address but did not officially notify their County Elections Dept of their new address).
A copy of the WA State Petition is provided below this email for you to print out as a paper copy (only paper printout petition forms are acceptable), and there is also a website link provided from where you can print the petition too.  Please print copies of this petition and have your registered voter family, friends, and workmates sign the form now.

 Download the Green Party Nominating Petition here

Important – Send your completed petition form before 25 July via postal mail to:Green Party of Washington, PO Box 70493, Seattle, WA 98127  
As a follow-up contact to this email we will telephone you soon to remind you of the urgency for this petition gathering effort by all Green Party supporters and friends in WA State (unless you inform us via email that you do not need a tel call).  For any questions or assistance, please reply to this email address.

We look forward to a very effective and successful WA State election ballot access petition gathering effort with you.
Thank you for your support and involvement in the GP US and the GPWA.”

 Herb Camet, Jr., M.A., PCV
Member, Coordinating Council of GPWA

Be Seen Being Green

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Stay up Peaceful Warriors.