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Note from GPSEA Acting Treasurer:

Full Disclosure, we will not share your personal information unless there is an inquiry from Washington State, and then we will of course comply. Please follow this link to our Donation Page. You must be over 18 to donate.

GPSEA Meetings are now online via Zoom and are open to the public. However, in order to vote on proposals or bring proposals to the group, you must be a member of GPWA [Green Party of Washington], not be an officer of any other political party, and live or work or attend school in Seattle or King County.

We are all unpaid volunteers and we value your time as well. The link to Volunteer is here at the GPWA site.

Welcome to the real Grassroots. The Donation button says “Green Party of Seattle Treasurer”, however funds go into the GPSEA account, not to me personally. I’m not great at fundraising, but maybe the next Treasurer will be.

The reality is that we operate on very little money and are mostly powered by people who serendipitously show up to do things like plant trees, feed un-homed neighbors, collect signatures, help plan marches, maintain web pages and databases, table at community events, comment on legislation, monitor City of Seattle Council Meetings, attend GPWA meetings, represent us at the National Committee, road trips to Olympia, put up signage send out emails, etc. We are a herd of different free-thinking cats yet cohesive enough to move forward as a community on the things that we agree on.

Although it breaks my little EcoSocialist heart to say so, we have a huge potential for growth as the political home of the original Green New Deal, but not without more money.

Real talk: The Green Party Political Platform is the only one that makes sense, mainly because it is the only one built on sustainable public policy. The cartel parties of War and Wall Street have blinders on. Sending rich people to space on the corporate welfare dime is not an actual solution. There is no planet B.

Don’t donate money if that creates a hardship for you, your time is also valuable and we would really appreciate some of that as well. We do not collect monetary donations from PACs, businesses, or corporations.

Thank you for helping us grow!

-Alice B Green, Treasurer GPSEA

Back in 2017

Political Engagement Basics for Seattle Greens

Seattle City Hall

Greens must engage with the political process, and be the change that we want to see. Responsive Public Policy starts with empowerment of the Grassroots. We all benefit from Climate and Racial Justice, Social Safety Nets like Housing, Healthcare, Food Security, and Emergency Infrastructure, and Eduction.
Collaborative problem solving based on Public Listening and Citizen Input will make Seattle strong.

Use your voice.
Talk to your City Council Representatives, they work for you.
More Seattle City Council Videos on the Seattle Channel.
Greens in Olympia

Our  EverGreen State capital is where Legislators convene to make policy decisions. Olympia is where voters and lobbyists can meet with representatives and talk face to face about their concerns.
Building Policy for the common good is the whole point of politics.
Politicians that have a real call to public service actually do this work and are willing to meet with constituents.
Talk to your Legislative District Representative, know who they are.

Washington State Legislation
Look up Bills by topic in the Washington State Legislature.
Washington State Senate and State House Representatives together make your State Legislature.
HB= House Bill. SB= Senate Bill. Bills have Sponsors, is your LD Representing you?
Companion Bills mean sponsors in both houses support the legislation.
Anatomy of a Bill :
If you are running for office as a member of another party Green Party of Seattle members may still endorse you as their “preferred candidate”.

Fill out our candidate questionnaire so that members may review it, come to a meeting and tell us why we should vote for you. Greens base political endorsements on the Green values based framework. Our endorsement is relevant to other Progressives because of these values.
Email to Hello@
Mail a hard copy to:
Green Party of Seattle
PO Box 70493
Seattle WA 98127

Critical Thinking for Green Voters.

Are the people in office working for us?
Do they represent their constituents or only their party? 
Do they actually work on public policy?
Do they facilitate positive change?
Do they make sense, or deflect from difficult topics?
Do they communicate a vision, or transmit fears?
Do they strengthen communities or disenfranchise them?
Do they make more time time for citizens or for lobbyists?

Is public policy useful? Is it helping citizens live dignified, healthy and rewarding lives? Does it protect the vulnerable with social safety nets? Does it preserve natural resources for the future? Does it respect biodiversity? Is it sustainable?
Politicians do not walk on water.  [Not even Bernie is perfect folks.]
Human beings make mistakes;  are they accountable when they do?

Greens are in solidarity with all issue driven groups in alignment with our ‘four pillars’. We prefer Social solutions to Extractive Capitalism.

Different Kind of Cats


GPWA applauds TRU Helping Our Homeless Neighbors in Seattle

In the GPWA effort to obtain enough signatures to get their presidential candidate, Howie Hawkins, on the November ballot, Greens talked to Seattle people on the street.
Among them were the unhoused and formerly unhoused who expressed concerns about the sweeps by Seattle Police Department that push the homeless out of the downtown by scooping up their sole possessions like so much trash, leaving them much worse off.
Now, in response to demands by Black Lives Matter to demilitarize the police, Seattle City Council did the opposite of what the intent was (to reallocate those funds to serve the community).
They kept the police sweeps in play but removed social service allies from that situation and domestic violence response without having an alternative social services system already in place.
The sweeps of the homeless need to stop altogether and alternatives must be taken seriously. The GPWA affirms that unhoused people are protected by 4th Amendment protections against unwarranted search and seizure, protections of personal privacy and property, as well as the right to be free from unreasonable government intrusion into whatever temporary residence they’ve fabricated in a crisis.
Rainy weather and shorter daylight hours are signals that Winter is coming. In 2020 the Pandemic conditions will likely make resources even more scarce for those neighbors who are unhomed. Close to 200 presumed homeless people died in King County in 2018, at least 90 in 2017, numbers for 2019 are not available, but not all are counted. This year Winter will be complicated by both Flu and Pandemic conditions that limit available outreach resources in Seattle.

[Reprinted with permission from TRU.] Message from Tye donate to TRU’s Solidarity Fund:

“For all the newbies who haven’t heard, TRU has set up a Solidarity Fund to provide for the basic needs of encampment residents surviving in the city unsheltered during a global pandemic and social uprising. A fellow TRU member and I have been visiting a couple camps in Ballard every Sunday to assess their needs, chat with campers, and be somewhat of a bridge between resources and the people living there.

So far, generous TRU members and friends have been able to accrue over $1,500 to support our neighbors living in tent encampments. During these last few weeks, I’ve put those funds to good use buying whatever I could that the campers asked for: tents, beef jerky, snacks, a jillion cases of water, socks for daaays, underwear, shirts, bags of ice, gas to power generators, and probably a few other things I’ve forgotten to mention (keep up with the updates on TRU’s Members’ Wall, Facebook, and Instagram!).

We’ve also been able to snag some free harm reduction and toiletry items from community members and organizations <3So today I’m asking for money. We are running low on our funds and will have to start reserving our resources for highly necessary items like water and tents, which can be verrry pricey. I am hoping to create a regular schedule of volunteers who can consistently serve these camps and I have dreams of doing weekly or twice weekly hot meals, and none of this can happen without the support of our community and organization.

Please do not give more than you comfortably can but remember: shares with your rich friends and family are always free!!
Love, peace, and afro grease.”
– Tye Donate to the Solidarity FundJoin TRU

Kalama Fracked Gas-Methanol Plant EIS

Oppose the proposed Kalama Manufacturing and Marine Export Facility.

Oppose Fracking, Don’t Enable it.

Northwest Innovation Works and the Port of Kalama are proposing to a build a facility based on marginal and debatable short term economic benefits for our state.

“Ecology’s new analysis reveals what the project’s backers have long denied: that the refinery would cause more methanol to be burned as fuel overseas and result in significant methane pollution from fracking. The methanol refinery would quickly become one of Washington’s most significant sources of climate-changing pollution and use more fracked gas than all of Washington’s gas-fired power plants, combined. The Sightline Institute writes that the project would be a “climate disaster.” According to folks at Columbia RiverKeeper.

The extreme long term damage to surrounding ecosystems in our state are unacceptable risks for the sake of multinational investors to profit from overseas plastics production.
The plant would also encourage continued fracked gas extractions by their domestic partners here in the United States.
The facility would be able to produce 10,000 metric tons of methanol a day and would use 320 million cubic feet of natural gas a day.
This would make the plant the largest facility of it’s kind in the world.
Most of the Methanol created would be used to manufacture plastics, in Asia.

Public comment on the newly released EIS [environmental impact study] is open until October 2, 2020.
Please leave them a personal statement:
If you are not sure what to say here are some of the reasons that
Greens and Climate Allies Oppose the Kalama Methanol Plant:

• Columbia and Kalama rivers aquifer depletion from manufacturing
• Private property and historic cemetery land would be seized to build pipelines
• Methanol to be used for manufacture of plastics in China; of no local economic benefit to our state
• Toxic by-products and flammable liquid storage risks would all be assumed by local communities in an earthquake
• Climate pollution emissions would be more than a million tons per year
• Increased tanker traffic to Asia for transport of methanol threatens migratory mammals near the mouth of the Columbia River
• Increased stress on already threatened Salmon and Orca populations
• Proposed refinery does not replace any coal-based chemical plant in China so does not actually decrease the sum total of fossil fuel emissions worldwide

Washington State has bountiful but finite natural resources. It is critical that our community act wisely. The consideration of our future generations and their environmental, health and food security is more important than short term profits for local construction firms and foreign investors.
In Solidarity for a Sustainable Future.[email protected]

Got Yard Signs?

Not Biden, Not Trump? Put up a sign about it.

From CJ Sellers, Chapter Lead of East Seattle Greens:

“I have Howie Hawkins/Angela Walker campaign yard signs for our Washington chapters and maybe some left over for folks out in unorganized areas. I’ll be bringing them around the state starting tomorrow [9/23] in Seattle. Let’s talk about getting you a sign? PM me.”

Are you living on the Microsoft side of the waters from Seattle? Their chapter is picking up steam, join today! [We already know all the artsy free thinking non conformist science believing geeks understand there is no planet B. Even tho we might not be ‘joiners’ by nature, let’s be that herd of ‘different kind of cats’ together.]

Contact C.J. Sellers [ [email protected] | 425-324-6867] to officially join this chapter if you live in the areas east of Seattle including East King County or Snohomish County.

Message facebook or [email protected] and Alice [text 2673722958] can distribute signs on Friday in the am.

Resilient Future Priorities

Resilient Future Priorities Announced by Climate Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy.

Seattle, Washington.  September 23, 2020. The Green Party of Seattle in alignment with the nation’s broadest climate-action coalition. Climate Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy will set forth priorities for investments in the long-term resilience of both the City of Seattle and in Solidarity with other Washington communities

Climate Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy is a Coalition of leaders from labor, social justice, health, faith, business and environmental organizations. Seattle Greens hold these groups in earnest Solidarity and hold space for the business sector to recognize where their true long term interests lie.

Coalition members from across Washington’s economic sectors and geographies are advocating for relief and recovery efforts that prioritize the needs of at-risk workers, low-income communities, communities of color, and tribal communities and set our state on a climate resilient future. The Resilient Future platform includes five major priorities for lawmakers to consider as they plan for the 2021 legislative session:

People-Focused Solutions: Support communities hit hardest by the health, environmental, and economic crisis with direct investments. 

Equitable, Participatory Decision-Making Process: Engage frontline workers, communities of color, tribal nations, and others most impacted by the health and economic crises in all decision-making processes.

Progressive revenue sources that drive down pollution: Ensure that corporations and the very wealthy who’ve done well in Washington do right by Washington.  

Climate-Resilient Investments: Invest in building a clean and resilient economy to support healthy and prosperous communities. 

Clean & Just Approaches: Enact policies to reduce pollution, increase climate protection, strengthen the power and voices of workers, create good jobs with protected collective bargaining rights, and address structural inequalities.

The Green Party of Seattle believes Washington state must lead an equitable and just economic transition toward a Sustainable Future that values Planet, People, and Peace.


Green Party of Seattle Contacts:

Lisa Canar, Communications, [email protected]

Margaret Elisabeth, Community Activism Reporter,  [email protected]

Alice B Green, Acting Secretary GPSEA, [email protected] text 267 371 2958

Slavery and Capitalism WW2

Dehumanizing people for their “otherness” goes deep into the DNA of Capitalism. Mainstream society is taught that Slavery went away a long time ago. Clearly it did not.

Slavery & Capitalism

One hand taketh and one hand giveth away… The 13th Amendment was added to the Constitution of the United States and officially abolished slavery in December of 1865:

“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”


This Constitutional phrase reveals how deep the roots of African American incarceration, and other racially biased policies are entrenched and entwined with ‘American Exceptionalism‘.

Systemic racism continues in the form of legal slavery conducted in the privately run for profit prisons in our country today. Slavery is illegal unless one is committed of a crime.

Mainstream culture in the U.S.A. may be consumerist and vain, but until recently it did not seem particularly hateful. In spite of the over 700 military bases worldwide and a ‘Defense’ budget that eclipses the economies of entire nations. America [re: North America except for Canada and Mexico] is the leader of the ‘free’ world, right?

Hate groups are on the fringe of society, but most normal citizens are not hateful bigots. We want to think that.

We can do better, we can be better. We can work for a Sustainable Future. Skill building, creating, working, trading and caring for others are components of human civilization. Local free market economies should build connection and promote free flow of resources to sustain our communities.

Capitalism Kills. EcoSocialism decentralizes wealth and promotes Life.

A sustainable future is possible. The Duopoly will not build it for us.

We must build it ourselves, from the ground up. Please join us.

Seattle Greens Vote Lascelles

Endorsement of Sherae Lascelles for Legislative District 43, Position 2.

Seattle, Washington.  September 12, 2020. Green Party of Seattle endorses Sherae Lascelles for State Representative Position #2 of Washington’s 43rd LD. Votes were taken by email due to physical distance constraints and the last vote was counted at 11:30 pm on 9/11/2020.

Citizens of the 43rd Legislative District are the most diverse in Washington State along several lines of  intersectionality. The geographic area covers parts of Seattle’s Downtown, First Hill, Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, Washington Park, Madison Park, Eastlake, Montlake, Portage Bay, Wallingford, Fremont, the University District (including the UW campus), Green Lake, and parts of Phinney Ridge and Ravenna. 

Green Party of Seattle members feel that Lascelles’ level of community engagement makes them the ideal candidate to represent the 43rd; the views that were expressed in their candidate questionnaire are consistent with the GPSEA core values of NonViolence, Grassroots Empowerment, Social Justice, and Environmental Wisdom.

The Green Party of the United States is an Eco-Socialist party. Greens as a Geo-political force believe that no human on Earth is illegal, and a Sustainable Future can not co-exist with abusive corporate entities that enslave and commodify both human beings and nature. 

Sherae Lascelles is running on a platform of Harm Reduction, Mutual Aid, and Civic Engagement. GPSEA finds alignment here with the basic foundational premise of Green politics: A Sustainable Future for All.

Greens in Seattle are politically active within other issue-driven movements where there has been much cross pollination of ideas, such as the ‘Green New Deal’ but this has not translated to running political campaigns. As mainstream political consciousness realizes that the Duopoly does not serve them, they begin to see through the political tactic of ‘Divide and Conquer’ used to consolidate political and economic power at the top. ‘Third Party’ independents are banding together to find alignment on issues that matter to everyday people.

Seattle Greens Regenerate

Fallback image

Thank you for helping us grow!!!

First Peoples Acknowledgment:

We acknowledge the First Peoples of the Coastal Salish Sea and the Duwamish River Valley, and honor with gratitude the original stewards of this place and their generations past, present, and future.

We honor the Land itself and the other Living Beings that make their home here.

Greens freely offer the conditions of Respect, Community, and Good Will in order to Nurture, Regenerate, and Energize us all as we move forward.


Green Party of Seattle Is Back:
Updated Documents Coming Soon, including edits to the March 2017 Bylaws.


Politicians often run to the head of the parade to take credit for ideas that are not new. It is the people marching forward who are the ones who really lead.

Greens must go further than we have before, past Conservation, beyond Sustainability, to lead a Regenerative Culture Shift. Much has been lost, and it is no longer enough to Conserve or Sustain, we must Regenerate. We can pivot into science and green technology in a positive way, informed by our own sense of connection to our natural world. Regenerative investments in individuals, communities ecosystems and the planet will involve collaboration. This is how we grow.

Become a GPWA member or update your membership:


Seattle Greening | To The Left

People that help each other are harder to commodify; this is why Extractive Capitalism divides us. Greens are a collaborative coalition party worldwide. Let’s work together!


Alternative Parties in Washington State need to collect “wet” signatures to get on the Ballot. Our SOS insisted on physical signatures during a pandemic; Greens made that happen!

Volunteer with the Green Party!

Posted on October 8, 2021 by Green Party of Washington

The Green Party is governed by our principles and values, and unlike the corporate political parties, we do not accept — and are not influenced by — corporate cash. Our platform is based on our values of peace, sustainability, grassroots democracy, and justice for all. We aim to broaden the scope of political discourse and reshape the political process.

We are currently forming teams for each of the volunteer options in our recently updated Volunteer Form. We want to make good use of your skills, knowledge, interests, and time to support the Green Party at state and local levels.

Your efforts make a direct impact on the growth and success of our party, and we look forward to working with you!

Please complete or update our revised Volunteer Form available at – and contact us to suggest other volunteer options.

Jody Grage, Volunteer Coordinator


Become a GPWA member, check your membership status, or renew your membership today!

Rules of Decorum. How we communicate is important. We are comrades. You can speak your truth and also maintain community safety. Human beings make mistakes. Response Able people are accountable.

Restorative Justice invites us to examine our actions, correct our own behavior, and move forward with sincere intention to repair any damage we have caused. The whole planet needs Restorative Justice.

Mutual Aid is a purposeful exchange of resources and services for mutual benefit. Mutual aid networks focus on positive social connections for the general welfare. EcoSocialists promote Mutual Aid because it is fundamental to natural law, functional families, and healthy communities.

People that help each other are harder to commodify; this is why Extractive Capitalism divides us.

Summer of Autonomous Zone 2020 [News Clip from KOMO]