Sage Report on Disaster Gentrification

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an economic disaster that puts our BIPOC communities at risk for disaster gentrification again: thousands of homes are at imminent risk of foreclosure while hundreds of thousands of renters are at risk for eviction. Meanwhile, corporate landlords have amassed hundreds of billions of dollars and are poised to take advantage of our vulnerability. Just as disaster can have a multiplier effect on our communities—increasing loss of housing, stability, wealth and widening racial disparity—local governments can pass policies that stabilize, build resilience, and repair historic harm.

Puget Sound SAGE

As Council member Sawant highlighted in the recent rally for Rent Control, we are on the verge of another housing crisis when the moratorium on evictions ends.

In Washington State landlords were allowed to end month-to-month leases with 20 days’ notice, without providing a reason, great for real estate investors flipping houses, but not for people in the midst of a pandemic generated economic crisis. Homelessness threatens already marginalized people the most. The eviction moratorium expires in June.

The Sage Report on Disaster Gentrification Outlines critical steps to take now:

To tackle this crisis, local governments should take the following actions:

  1. Reduce evictions and foreclosures by forgiving rent debt, extending the eviction and foreclosure moratoria, and making rent relief contingent on increased tenant protections;
  2. Create opportunity for BIPOC communities to secure land and buildings to preserve affordability by robustly funding acquisition and preservation funds;
  3. Increase BIPOC power in planning and development by establishing local planning and accountability through equitable development zones;
  4. Preserve affordability and create a path for tenant ownership by passing a Tenant/Community Opportunity to Purchase Act;
  5. Stop harassment of vulnerable homeowners by creating non-Solicitation/cease and desist zones;
  6. Discourage property flipping for profit through a tax on certain real estate transactions.
Disaster Gentrification in King County Policy Brief

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Seventeen Facts About Sunflowers [Helianthus annuus]

Sunflower Variety non-GMO

Green Party of Seattle will be giving away sunflower seeds [above seed non-GMO seed variety mix] from Earth Day on April 22 until May Day 2021, while supplies last. You may be asked to answer Sunflower Trivia questions. See you at Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle on Earth Day!

  1. Sunflowers are fun and easy to grow.
  2. Sunflowers are a North American native species.
  3. Sunflowers come in diverse colors and heights, with the tallest recorded at 30 feet.  [Please grow the non-GMO and pollen bearing varieties.] 
  4. Sunflowers are a tall and bright beacon to bees and other pollinators and can be spotted long distance.
  5. Sunflowers will attract aphids away from vegetable plants nearby, and bring in more aphid eating ladybugs.
  6. Sunflower heads track the sun throughout the day when they are young; mature Sunflowers face East. This solar tracking plant behavior is called heliotropism.
  7. Sunflowers improve soil health for surrounding plants.
  8. Sunflowers have long taproots that help aerate soil.
  9. Sunflowers pull toxins and heavy metals out of soil to detoxify the earth.
  10. Sunflower pollen helps support the immune system of bees; it is bee medicine.
  11. Sunflower seeds grow out from the center in a Fibonacci Sequence pattern.
  12. Sunflower leaves can be used for animal forage.
  13. Sunflower seeds support brain health for humans.
  14. Sunflower seeds and nectar feed wild birds including hummingbirds.
  15. Sunflowers produce vegetable oil which is nutritious and has anti-inflammatory benefits.
  16. Sunflowers may be companion-planted as the ‘fourth sister’ with other traditional native North American garden plants  squash, pole beans, and corn.
  17. Sunflowers are the international symbol of Green Parties worldwide.

The Green Party of Washington Spring Gathering is May 2,2021, Join us for the movie 2040. See you at Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle on Earth Day!

The Real Green New Dealers: Ecosocialists

The “Idealist” Green Party believes in Science and Solutions.

The Green Party of the United States originally introduced the Green New Deal as a sweeping plan to address the fossil fuel and war based economic structures that threaten our long term survival on this planet. Suppressing inconvenient facts does not make them go away and Climate Change is here, and we must take responsibility to reverse that change.

Right now, our federal government subsidizes the rich agribusiness corporations and the oil, mining, nuclear, coal and timber giants at the expense of small farmers, small business and our children’s environment. We spend tens of billions every year moving our economy in the wrong direction. The Green New Deal will instead redirect that money to the real job creators who make our communities healthier, sustainable and secure at the same time.

The ‘New Deal’ Concept is not that new.

In 1935, during the Great Depression that followed unregulated banking catastrophe and war, President Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced his ‘New Deal’ plan. The WPA [Works Project Administration] put people to work on infrastructure projects during an all time high of 20% unemployment. The financial system was re-regulated, and the Social Security program was created to get elderly and infirm folks out of breadlines and hobo camps. Healthcare Reform and the creation of the post war NHS was being discussed in Great Britain, but that did not materialize here in the United States, yet.

In 2016 the Green Party officially added an Ecosocialist plank to the national party platform. The term Socialism does not scare Greens. [Much like being against Fascism.] A free market economy at the local level helps communities thrive and ingenuity flourish.

“Our ecosocialist Green New Deal encompasses two major programs, an Economic Bill of Rights and a Green Economy Reconstruction Program. The Economic Bill of Rights will finally fulfill President Roosevelt’s 1944 call upon Congress to develop programs to secure basic economic human rights for all.”

Howie Hawkins

But the testing time has now arrived. In a civilized country when ridicule fails to kill a movement it begins to command respect.

Mahatma Ghandi from Freedom’s Battle

All true Progressives recognize that we can not keep doing the same things and expect to get different results…

Greens appreciate that Progressive Democrats are looking at actual solutions but continue to be concerned that within a Duopoly party funded by multinational corporations that shareholders will always be more important than People and Planet.

Systemic changes in the political process like Ranked Choice Voting, Repeal of ‘Money=Free Speech’ Citizen’s United, Term Limits, Ending Redlining and Gerrymandering, and Taxing the Rich would empower the Grassroots. We are living through a Pandemic in which over 70% of citizens want Healthcare for All and there is no political recourse in sight.

People and Planet; a Sustainable Future. That is not idealism, that is Progressive Evolution.

Better late than never Dems?

Greens Support Public Banking

Greens and other Ecosocialists- please comment on Public Banking Senate Bill 5188.

Click image to comment. Fill in the blanks and press support, it is that easy!

Invest in a state economy that supports local entrepreneurs, family farm holdings, in-state businesses and green technology. Protect our biodiversity, public lands, and food security with long term investments based on real worth. Protect citizens from boom and bust profiteering. Divest our state and municipal pension funds from fossil fuels, detention centers, and for-profit prisons.

Green Party of Seattle and King County Greens continue to support a local public banking system. The feasibility study brought forward by Sawant and O’Brien in 2018 is even more relevant now that divestment from fossil fuels is trending beyond the Left Coast.

A Sustainable Future for Washington State is not speculative or hypothetical and it does not live on Wall Street.

RCV & Systemic Change

Film screening and panel discussion Thursday January 28 @ 6pm PST.

FairVote Washington will screen a documentary called Eastpointe about a town where RCV was introduced by court order in 2019 to mitigate the effects of systemic racism. Black voters made up 40% of the population and 0% of the elected officials. See what happened.

RCV or Ranked Choice voting is hard to explain in two sentences.

Along with “explainer videos” they also have some Literature with bullet points available for download. RCV promotes community engagement with issues and decreases the pay-off for running campaigns based on fear of the other candidates. Our candidates should give us something we want to vote for. The lesser of two evils serves no one.

North King and South King County Chapters of Fair Vote Washington advocate for Ranked Choice Voting in our state. Get involved, get on the mailing list, help get the word out.

Just Say No to Tear Gas

Greens were out at Judkins Park gathering signatures to get an Ecosocialist ballot line in Washington State… doing what the SOS insisted and getting physical signatures… long story short SPD needs to check themselves.

Tuesday, January 26th at 9:30AM, the Seattle City Council’s Public Safety Committee will meet to discuss and vote on on police use of tear gas, chemical weapons, flash bangs, and “crowd control” weapons.

Sign up for public commentary begins at 0730 for Council Bill 119981.

CB 119981: “AN ORDINANCE amending Ordinance 126237, which adopted the 2021 Budget, including the 2021-2026 Capital Improvement Program (CIP); changing appropriations to various departments and budget control levels, and from various funds in the Budget; and adding or modifying provisos.”

Comment Peaceful Warriors.

Support SB 5204!

Medicare For All/ Single Payer Allies at Whole Washington have brought a timely piece of legislation.

Read it here.

Green Party | Ecosocialism


Greens recognize the need for self-defense as well as the defense of others who are in helpless situations, but oppose war for economic gain, prisons for profit, and a militarized police force at home. 
We advocate for deescalation and non-violent methods to promote lasting personal, community and global peace.


Ecological Wisdom

We are part of nature, not separate from nature. Future generations will benefit if we practice agriculture which replenishes the soil; move to an energy efficient economy; and live with respect for all natural systems. Let us be wise in the decisions we make today to preserve the integrity of our world for future generations.
Water is Life.

Grassroots Empowerment

Greens hold public representatives at every level of government fully accountable to the people who elect them. Greens support political entities which expand the process of participatory democracy by directly including citizens in the building of beneficial and relevant public policy. 

Social Justice

We must consciously confront in ourselves, our organizations, and society at large, barriers such as racism and class oppression, sexism and homophobia, ageism and ableism, which act to deny fair treatment and equal justice under the law.

Ecosocialism is a vision of a transformed society in harmony with nature, and the development of practices that can attain it. It is directed toward alternatives to all socially and ecologically destructive systems, such as patriarchy, racism, homophobia and the fossil-fuel based economy.



Seattle Chapter Shows 2040

If we want to create a Sustainable Future we must imagine it first. GPSEA streamed this film on !nauguration Day.

“Fact Based Dreaming” is how the director describes 2040 The Regeneration. Using items from the “Drawdown List” the film is a vision of what the future will look like if we reprioritize. The film was made in Australia, a place where Greens are overtly influential. Plenty of veiled and non-threatening references to the destructive toll of Extractive Capitalism. The film basically shows what could be an Ecosocialist future.

If you missed it the first time GPWA is deciding if they want to show it again, but they have to vote to purchase the screening. Did you see it? What did you think?


Bylaws of the Green Party of Seattle

– Revised March 22, 2017


1. Name

The name of this political party shall be the Green Party of Seattle.


2.1. Purpose Statement

The purpose of this political party shall be to work toward a Green society through participating in the political process. Our vision is represented by the Ten Key Values of the Green Party: ∙ Grassroots Democracy∙ Social Justice and Equal Opportunity∙ Ecological Wisdom∙ NonViolence∙ Decentralization∙ Community Based Economics∙ Feminism and Gender Equity∙ Respect for Diversity∙ Personal and Global Responsibility∙ Future Focus and Sustainability

2.2. Methods

The Green Party of Seattle may use any and all methods of nonviolent social change: direct action, community organizing and education, personal empowerment, issue campaigns, ballot initiatives, and/or electoral campaigns; and their related strategies and tactics.


3.1. Application for Membership

Membership in the Green Party of Seattle is open to any person, regardless of age, race, color, national origin, spiritual belief, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, or physical challenge who pays annual dues or does work in lieu of payment. A membership applicant shall sign an application form which shall state that the applicant is in general agreement with the Ten Key Values and the Bylaws of the Green Party of Seattle. Steps will be taken to protect the applicant’s anonymity upon request as noted on the application form.

3.2. Beginning of Membership

Membership shall begin three weeks after a prospective member’s application form is received by the Membership Coordinator. Powers of membership shall be granted to new members following this three week period.

3.3. Powers and Duties of Members

Members may vote on issues and serve on the Coordinating Council and committees.

3.4. Good Standing

Membership in the Green Party of Seattle is based on mutual respect. Members participate in good faith in discussion and decision making and resolve conflicts peaceably. Members shall refrain from abusive and disruptive behavior. Members who fulfill these responsibilities shall be in good standing with the Green Party of Seattle. Any member who fails to fulfill these responsibilities may be subject to suspension or removal. (See Section 4.13.)


4.1. The General Membership Meeting

The General Membership Meeting shall be open to all members of the Green Party of Seattle.

4 2. Sessions of the General Membership Meeting

General Membership Meetings shall be held at least six times a year. Preliminary notice and agendas of General Membership Meetings shall be made available to those in the GPoS database at least one week in advance. The final text of proposed bylaw amendments (see 6.2.) and notice of GPoS Coordinating Committee elections including candidate profiles shall be sent to the Secretary three weeks before a General Membership Meeting and available to those in the GPoS database at least two weeks in advance.

4.3. General Powers of the Membership

The General Membership is the ultimate decision making authority in the Green Party of Seattle. Only the General Membership can reverse or modify a previous decision made by the General Membership. The decisions of the Coordinating Council must be consistent with all decisions made by the General Membership. The General Membership may elect or recall any members of the Coordinating Council, revoke the charter of committees and working groups, amend the Bylaws as necessary, adopt a Party Platform, select Green Party candidates for public office, and endorse ballot measures and preferred candidates. The General Membership may also choose for the Green Party of Seattle to affiliate with, or to withdraw affiliation from, a larger geographical body of Greens such as the Green Party of Washington. The Membership may also request a revision of any Coordinating Council decision by submitting a petition signed by at least five members in good standing to either the Coordinating Council or directly to any General Membership Meeting. Once a revision petition has achieved five signatures and has been submitted, it must be addressed at every subsequent Coordinating Council and General Membership meeting until it is resolved. If a petition is submitted during the course of a Coordinating Council or General Membership meeting when agenda alteration is permitted, it may be addressed at that meeting.

4.4. Coordinating Council

The Coordinating Council of the Green Party of Seattle shall be composed of members elected by the Membership. These shall include, but not be limited to, a Facilitator, Secretary, Treasurer. At least one of the three officers (Facilitator, Secretary, and Treasurer) elected must be a woman. Voting for these CC members will be by blind balloting, with each of the three officers being elected separately using instant runoff voting. The total number of Coordinating Council members shall not exceed seven. Voting for at-large CC members will be by blind balloting, with the officers elected from the group of candidates using instant runoff voting. CC members must be members in good standing of Green Party of Seattle.

4.5. Coordinating Council Sessions

The Coordinating Council shall meet at least once a month. Any Green Party of Seattle member in good standing may propose agenda items, but only Council members may vote.

4.6. Coordinating Council Powers

The Coordinating Council shall initiate, finalize and oversee the Strategic Plan; develop and implement the annual Budget; oversee the Political Platform; develop Political Strategy; hire and supervise any employees of the Party; and charter working groups. The Coordinating Council shall facilitate work between Membership Meetings. The Coordinating Council shall make endorsements and statements only in keeping with policies set by the General Membership Meetings. If and when necessary, the Coordinating Council shall serve as the legal Board of the organization. At each General Membership Meeting the Coordinating Council shall report on its activities since the previous General Membership Meeting. Major Coordinating Council decisions may be brought to the Membership for review and revision.

4.7. Coordinating Council Terms of Service

The Coordinating Council members shall be elected for one year terms by the Membership. They shall be limited to three consecutive terms, after which they shall be ineligible for service for a period of not less than one year.

4.8. Facilitator

The Facilitator shall facilitate or arrange for facilitation of the Coordinating Council and General Membership Meetings. The Facilitator shall also prepare the agenda for these meetings, with the assistance of the Secretary. Agenda items may also be submitted by any member in good standing. All agenda items submitted by the membership should be part of the minutes. The Facilitator shall assist with conflict resolution within the Party.

4.9. Secretary

The Secretary shall be responsible for taking and publishing minutes of all Membership and Coordinating Council meetings, notifying the membership of upcoming meetings, and keeping and making available accurate records. The Secretary shall exercise special care to make records, announcements, and other important communication easily accessible to members without Internet access. The Secretary shall assist the Facilitator in developing the agendas for the CC and GM meetings.

4.10. Treasurer

The Treasurer shall prepare yearly budgets and monitor ongoing expenses. The Treasurer shall keep the accounting, or arrange with a qualified professional to do so, and will report monthly to the Coordinating Council and the Membership Meeting. The Treasurer and one other specified Coordinating Council member may sign checks.

4.13. Suspension and Removal

Any member of the Coordinating Council who has not attended three consecutive CC in-person meetings and/or CC conference calls without explanation, shall be considered to have resigned. The Coordinating Council will announce an election to fill the vacancy as specified in 4.2. Any member of the Coordinating Council or of the Green Party of Seattle may be suspended or removed for cause by a 3/4vote of the Coordinating Council. This decision may be overturned by a 3/4 vote of the membership as referenced in 4.3. The term of suspension or removal shall be determined by the Coordinating Council. A suspended member is not in good standing, and may not participated in consensus decision making, voting, or electronic communications. A removed member is restricted as a suspended member is, and additionally may not attend meetings, except those portions of meetings where the appeal is part of the agenda.

4.14. Appeals

Any member who is suspended or removed from membership may appeal her/his suspension or removal. Appeals may be made to the Coordinating Council or directly to the Membership. One appeal may be submitted per term of suspension or removal.

4.16. Caucuses

A caucus of likeminded members may form at any time. A caucus shall be free to work with the CC, Working Groups, or the General Membership. A caucus should be consulted by other bodies of the organization on issues dealing with their area of interest.

4.18. Other Functional Bodies

At least five members in good standing may establish other functional bodies or working groups on an interim basis. The Coordinating Council shall review and confirm the functional body or working group and confirm the chair of the functional body or working group.


5.1. Methodology

Robert’s Rules of Order will be followed at General Membership Meetings (GMM’s), except as otherwise provided in these Bylaws. Decisions regarding meeting process motions will always be taken by majority vote. Otherwise, except for amendments to these Bylaws, the GMM shall seek consensus in its decision making, after hearing all views and concerns in full, subject to time constraints. Significant minority concerns shall be recorded in the minutes of the meeting. If it is not possible to reach consensus within a reasonable amount of time, the decision shall be taken by simple majority vote for candidate endorsements, and by 60%majority vote otherwise.


6.1. Procedure for Amendment

Proposed amendments to these Bylaws must be submitted to the Secretary no later than three weeks prior to the Membership Meeting at which the proposed Amendments shall be considered. In order to be considered, an Amendment must have the support of three members in good standing.

6.2. Notification

The Secretary shall communicate to all members at least two weeks in advance of a Membership Meeting at which an amendment or amendments to these Bylaws are to be considered [a] the date of the meeting, [b] the complete text of the amendment(s) under consideration, and [c] any other information useful in considering the value of the proposed amendment(s).

6.3. Ratification

Amendments to these Bylaws may only be adopted by a two thirds majority vote of a Membership Meeting.