Greens advocate for long-term investments in health, education, infrastructure, community based economic development, social responsibility, and green technology as the sane way toward a sustainable future for all of us.

GPSEA sign

What do you care about?

You are not alone. Find community with like-minded people and grow. To move in the direction of a sustainable future, we all need a shared vision. Fear is not your friend. Do not get trapped in the inertia of divide and conquer tactics that oppress, repress, and suppress new solutions.

ripple effect

Take action to shape goals that move your community forward.

Think global, but act local. None of us live in a vacuum, and every little positive step will create a larger ripple that inspires the people around us.

What has corporate sponsored politics done for us lately?

Greens are not well described by a sound bite addicted, corporate media.
So, you’re not a vegetarian, can’t ride a bike, and prefer to wear synthetic fibers? We still got you. Most of us vaccinate our kids and know how to drive cars. We are everyday people who believe that a sustainable infrastructure is self preservation, not a fringe idea.

Greens are both Progressive and Conservative. We value social progress, yet we are frugal with natural resources. Our stance on Science is Pro, and our stance on War is No. We believe in the infinite worth of Sentient Beings and the finite worth of Corporate Entities. No human citizen of this planet is illegal; corporate destruction of the planet should be illegal. Political borders become meaningless when they function as economic markers for the multi-national banking systems that influence polititicans to oppress humans.

Colonialism in the sense of eminent domain is a lie. Ultimately Earth is not owned by specific humans; all humans belong to the Earth. Migration and Evolution are fluid natural processes for all life on the planet.

The Green Party of the US is the fourth largest nationally registered political party in the United States. We accept donations from real human citizens.
Green Parties are global, much like multinational corporations. A life lived in fiscal quarters is not a human life, and corporations are not people.

General Membership Meetings.

Usually the third Wednesday of the month, (many exceptions).
Meetings are held in different neighborhoods of Seattle, and some are more politically active than others. Several meetings are skipped for other events, but we touch base and check in with each other. You know who you are. Consider joining the Green Party of Seattle, meetings are announced on our facebook well as on the events page of the Washington State website. Until our payment gateway is up again you may join at a meeting. Agendas usually involve planning for an event, a signature gathering, discussion around city council items, or planning to get information out, or sometimes just an informal check in. We invite speakers and activists to dialog at the General Membership meetings.
We base our political endorsements on the key Green values, and critical thinking about community, equanimity, & sustainability. There is an actual rubric that we follow. If you join GPSEA (Green Party of Seattle), you have an option to become a member of GPWA (Green Party of Washington State). That link will be coming soon. Usually people join at the State level and then at the local level. If there is not a local chapter near where you live, consider starting one.
You may vote at GPSEA meetings after 3 weeks of membership. General Membership meetings are open to the public. Meetings are historically not well attended, but please help us change that. Coordinating Council meetings are not open to the public.