Greens advocate for long-term investments in health, education, infrastructure, community based economic development, social responsibility, and green technology as the sane way toward a sustainable future.

Power to the People.

Grassroots participatory government is a key Green value. The current decline of Constitutional protections predates this administration, but after a particularly ugly election cycle, the "lesser of two evils" electoral system is in a state of obvious freefall. There is easy money in politics and both parties want the market share.

Media conglomeration, petrodollars that can only be backed with endless war, politicians that work for corporate donors, the economic colonialism of deregulated banking, and climate destruction are rampant problems. Polarity in politics is promoted by media outlets that demand we choose sides as if there are only two political narratives. Left or Right. Democrat or Republican. First Amendment rights or Second Amendment rights.
In the real world there are many sides and that is what makes building public policy a complex endeavor. In the two party system both agendas have their talking points but both of them are invested in spinning the facts. It is much simpler to undermine the critical thinking of others with manufactured emotional drama than to actually solve problems. Do you feel like your buttons are being pushed? Emotional abuse from elected officials: not okay. Don't let them steal your Reason or your Joy.

Take care of yourself activist.

We have seen a new influx of beautiful butterfly activists. Action is certainly needed and it is wonderful to see new people join the activist community. Imagine what non-binary voters will look like five years from now... even better! There is reason for hope and optimism because evolution is inevitable. Be there as a Human.

We have also seen activists become overwhelmed and burn out, people are not prepared to have their world view radically shifted once they see the inside of injustice, and realize how political parties and those who fund them use people as commodities. How do we Re-humanize in the face of De-humanization?

There is no quick fix. We want people to get in for the long haul. Avoid burning out; use psychological resources that bolster personal resilience. Keep yourself well, and build coalition and community with others, and reach out. It's a very lonely world for billions of people right now. Make it a better place for some of those people to be Human. Re-humanize.

Try not to let politics have a detrimental impact on your relationships. Relationships are like the immune system of the soul. It is possible to listen and disagree; this is part of how people communicate to hash out solutions. We must find ways to remain strong and humane in the face of toxic behavior. Tune in to your relationships, but also with the larger world, nature, and other people. Be present in a face to face way. A sustaining community helps one remain energized and hopeful. No one fights alone when they are standing up for the environment. It is always with You. Quaint old saying: Tat Tvam Asi.

Pick what resonates to you.

Pick one or two issues that speak to you and really focus on the action items you choose. Breaking down big jobs into smaller tasks allows you to feel accomplishment. Make friends with people in the activist community working on the other things that you also care about. Show up for their stuff when you can. You can't do everything and also have a life. Look at time lines, try to avoid schedule conflicts when you plan events.


Think before you react. We want to think others act with honorable intentions, but there are toxic people that will light a match to watch you burn then walk away. In a situation that brings no honor, decline to engage because your energy is best used elsewhere. Refuse to despair because an individual or organization disappoints you Peaceful Warrior. To refuse despair in a climate of manipulative fear mongering is an act of Revolution. And Evolution.

To make Divide and Conquer Politics work for a Sustainabile Future not toward Destruction of Humanity, it needs to be revisioned. Revise. Take control of your personal narrative. Choose your adventure. Give them a plot twist they never expected. Decide how the story ends. It's not over till it's over.

Divide difficult tasks into smaller action items and Conquer them.

It is helpful to have even a few people we can check in with once in a while and say, "Hey friend, how are things going?" "What goes?" "What's good?" "What are you working on?" "We need more action on..." The Green Party of Seattle is that few people for me personally, and it could be for you. Membership is open.